Our vision :


A well organized and client-orientated dealership makes happy automotive customers! Interaction and feedback provide dealerships valuable information about customers' expectations, desires and service demands. Only when you interpret this information correctly you change happy into spending customers!


Sometimes all it takes is an external point of view and clear but effective fine-tuning of your organisation, allround attitude and every possible process to obtain quick wins and fast return.


Interested to find out what I can do for your dealership - short or longterm - to improve from great to super? Contact me!





Why us?


- We are totally independent !

- Light organization and extremely flexible

- Certified trainer with high didactical skills

- No brand ... we are your brand

Aftersales Health Check


A fast and efficient health check of your aftersales organisation.

First step to get people motivated will always be a first quick win !





We specialize in product, brand behavior and aftersales training thanks to our retail experiences.






Training or coaching?

For some projects training efficiency can only be ensured by a professional onsite coaching. Ask our opinion....



News and lastest projects:


27/04 - 29/06/2018 : Onsite training of a complete new Aftersales platform - Belgium and Luxembourg

03/05/2018 : Commercial presentation at a dealership

12/03 - 24/04/2018 : Coaching of a new trainer by a Automotive Premium Brand

06/02 - 02/03/2018 : Installation and training roadshow of a new reception software.

25/01 - 03/02/2018 : Product launch training, Nice (fr) - a new electrical car with more range and an amazing Pro-pilot function !


12/01/2018 : Our new automotive aftersales analysing and coaching concept is born. No complex formulas, Excel sheets or platforms!

Only “OCTOPUS”…Just one efficient and straightforward visual!


08/01 - 21/01/2018 : Brussels Motor show - product support.

01/09 - 18/12/2017 : Technical training HELHa Mons for third year bachelor students.

04/12 - 14/12/2017 : Aftersales training : Warehouse management with an interesting program about strategic marketing, B2C, B2B, and active sales.

20/11 - 21/11/2017 : Aftersales 360°, Liepzig : Aftersales product presentation and new aftersales concept for BE-LU dealers.

15/11 - 16/11/2017 : Aftersales training : Stock management, Niel and Namur : Top participants, out-of-the box discussions and interesting exchanges !

18/10/2017: Product launch training, Zolder - competitors analysis : premium pit stop box for a great team of enthusiastic Sales Advisors.

03/10 - 04/10/2017 : Product launch training, Overijse - competitors analysis : B-segment SUV is still growing !

We are active mostly in Belgium, Luxembourg, France but the rest of Europe and Africa are also possible.





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